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About Us


Just some info about us and our history.

We are a family run business that has been open for more than 117 years. We started out as one of the first watercress growers selling to the public in the UK.
We have grown over the years with several changes to the layout but at the heart of our nursery a strong working tradition throughout the years.
There have been 4 generationsof our family growing and selling plants that are great quality and value for money.
Throughout the years we grow something for every season. At the end of the year we have a large range of christmas trees to choose from.

Blast from the Past

Some photos of our history!

Step Back in Time

Over 100 years of the Elliott family at Springhead Nurseries

Where we started

On the spring bed we were one of the first watercress growers of the day.

The Team

Lots of helpful staff have helped transform us into the nursery we now are.

Our Home

Living on site now and before means we can dedicate our full attention on plant growing and creating amazing produce.